Pegasus 201 Cutting Comb

Product Code: 128405


I like it smooth! Meet the Pegasus 201 Cutting Comb with Flexinite. What is Flexinite? Simply, it’s smart technology which is sensitive to changing temperatures. Flexinite teeth are seamless, which means no damage. What’s more amazing is that Flexinite mimics hair and flexibly moves in response to heat and chemicals, ensuring hair glides through without harm. Flexinite is one of the best technologies in the world for styling, cutting and simply combing. Pegasus 201 Cutting Comb is great for cutting, barbering, scissor over comb and edges. Two widths of teeth to use for different hair thickness.


  • Created with revolutionary Flexinite Technology
  • Features two widths of teeth, can be used for different hair thickness
  • For cutting, barbering, scissor over comb and edges
  • Ideal for combing large sections of hair
  • Seamless teeth: No hair cuticle damage
  • Saw cut: Gentle on hair and scalp
  • High heat and chemical resistant
  • Flexible, strong and durable
  • Round teeth for painless styling
Technical Specifications
Brand Pegasus
Colour Black
Technology Flexinite

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