Robert de Soto iFoil 300m Aluminium Foil 20 Microns

Product Code: 138024


Get amazing value with Robert de Soto 300m iFoil. With 300 metres of foil, this foil provides 1500 foils cut at 20 cm each. Robert de Soto is AAA premium quality foil at 20 microns and 12 cm width. Packaged in a convenient dispenser with cutting blade. iFoil is 100% recyclable, place used foil in a recycling bin.

  • 300 metres of foil
  • 20 micron
  • 12 cm width
  • Provides 1500 foils at 20 cm per foil
  • Dispenser with cutting blade
  • Recyclable
Technical Specifications
Brand Robert de Soto iFoil
Colour Silver
Product Type Foil
Series 300m roll

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