Silver Bullet Black Velvet Tunnel Vent Hair Brush

Product Code: 111217


The Silver Bullet Black Velvet Tunnel Vent Hair Brush glides through your client’s hair like velvet! Enlarged vents allow hot air from your hairdryer to circulate each section of hair as you blow-dry, speeding up styling time. Flexible nylon bristles detangle as you style. The ergonomic, lightweight handle provides comfort and control for extended salon use. Luxurious results with ease from Silver Bullet!


  • Simply creates hair as smooth and soft as velvet
  • Enlarged vents speed up styling time
  • Ideal for blow-drying and styling short to mid-length hair
  • Nylon bristles provide superior detangling
  • Extremely lightweight for extended salon use
  • Ergonomic, comfortable handle vent hair brushes
Technical Specifications
Brand Silver Bullet
Bristle Type (brushes) Nylon
Colour Black
Series Black Velvet
Technology Nylon

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