Xanitalia Creme Wax Aloe Vera

Product Code: 175923


Made in Italy, Xanitalia cream waxes are a supremely smooth waxing experience. With a soft and spreadable consistency, Xanitalia Creme Wax Aloe Vera melts and cools quickly for extremely efficient hair removal. This premium wax is designed for low temperature application, ensuring a more comfortable experience for the client. Used with strips, this cream wax is enriched with aloe, known for its emollient properties. Aloe cream wax is perfect for mature and dry skin. No microwave needed – simply pop in wax heater. Italy’s best wax!


  • Green waxing cream enriched with aloe vera
  • Ideal for mature and dry skin
  • Soft, spreadable consistency
  • Made in Italy
  • Designed to be used with strips
  • Melts and cools quickly for effective, comfortable waxing
  • No microwave required – simply pop directly in wax heater
  • Low temperature application for comfort
  • Size: 450ml
Technical Specifications
Brand Xanitalia
Series Creme Wax
Technology Strip Wax

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